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Porsche Express – Mercedes-Benz wants to reduce retail space

STUTTGART (dpa-AFX) – Mercedes-Benz It intends to significantly reduce its retail space in the coming years. “We will reduce about 15 to 20 percent of the retail space at our locations in Germany by 2028,” Director of Sales Britta Seeger told dpa on Tuesday. The newspapers Stuttgarter-Nachtrich and Stuttgarter-Zeitung have previously reported this. A spokeswoman confirmed the information in the reports upon request.

Accordingly, the Stuttgart-based automaker will switch its sales in Germany and Great Britain to the so-called dealership model from 2023, according to which mainly authorized dealers will be notified and sales prices will be set by the manufacturer.

According to reports, the company’s online business will be increased. Mercedes-Benz wants to create 38 online stores this year. So far there are four around the world. / rwi/DP/nas

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