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Pregnancy is contagious!

Pregnancy is contagious!

Once a woman’s company Loaded, more are added, according to a well-known legend. There’s clearly something to this phenomenon, as a recent study shows. The health portal reported on the study, according to which there will be an increase in pregnancies in a company after a colleague Pregnancy announce.

Advice and work from colleagues

We humans are affected and shaped by our environment. And we spend most of the day working with our colleagues, so the logical conclusion is that a colleague’s desire to have children can also affect our own needs, the site writes.

“It was crazy. When my classmate became pregnant, I suddenly realized: now is the time for me too, ”the mother of a four-month-old daughter confirmed in the Lifeline portal. And researchers at the State Institute for Family Research at the University of Bamberg are also sure after conducting a survey of 42,000 women: contact with a pregnant colleague or her offspring strengthens the individual’s mentality. Desire to have children And the confidence to take the lead.

Pregnancy after fellow

So working women who get pregnant can trigger a chain reaction. The probability of getting pregnant at peers Doubled, researchers can notice.
Joking oftenA pregnant woman rarely comes aloneProve it now.

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