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Premature babies are more susceptible to complications from the flu

Premature babies are more susceptible to complications from the flu

The flu can weaken the body for a few days until you fully recover. But sometimes, it can also lead to complications, such as pneumonia. However, science has now found that premature babies are more susceptible to flu complications than babies born later.

Premature babies are more likely to develop complications from the flu

A British research team created a meta-study of 27 studies – which would have contained information from a total of 14,000 children – according to news portal You may have noticed that children who They were born prematurelywhich is a higher risk for A flu complications was born later. Moreover, the research team found a relationship between diabetes or one Weakened immune system And Cold complications can be detected.

Oxford study conclusion: Premature babies are twice as likely to develop pneumonia or other cold complications as other babies.

It is a public health problem

Given that about ten percent of all children in the world are born premature […]Thus it is also a health problem for society,” explains study author Dr. Kai Wang of the University of Oxford, according to the news portal of a medical journal.

Moreover, it would be advisable, according to Dr. Wang to prioritize intervention, such as a flu shot.

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