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Presentation: What is self-motivational behavior?

Presentation: What is self-motivational behavior?

Proprioception is the term used to describe rhythmic and repetitive behaviors that serve to self-regulate.

Presentation: What is self-motivational behavior?
Elena Sanz

Written and reviewed Psychologist Elena Sanz.

Last updated: January 06, 2023

Autism is a spectrum that results in very different characteristics and symptoms. However, there is one feature that is common and that can be startling or even disturbing in the eyes of the observer. would be like setting (self-motivating behaviour).

This is amazing Self-stimulating behavior is expressed, among other things, by rocking or jumping, Motor repetition or vocalization Like buzzing or noise. Some are constantly spinning or repeating the same motions over and over.

These are stereotypes that are not unique to autism. It can also occur in people with various sensory or neurological defects ADHD occur fall appear. Sometimes they are present even without pathology.

In this context, the question comes up again and again Whether volatility should be prevented or reduced. The other option would be to understand and respect her. Then we explain what volatility is and take a closer look at both positions.

Stimulation is a self-stimulating behavior that protects against sensory overload.

What is straightening?

As already mentioned, it is Rhythmic and repetitive behaviors that occur in a pattern and serve for self-regulation. This self-irritating behavior can take many forms: some individuals bite their nails, others twirl their hair around their fingers when bored or stressed, and still others wiggle back and forth. There are also people who snap their fingers, make noises, or stare at things.

Other examples:

  • visually: Blink repeatedly or turn on and off the light
  • acousticallyScreaming or repeating phrases or words
  • touchSkin rubbing or tapping with fingers
  • smell and tasteSniffing or licking things
  • vestibular;: jump or swing
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What is the setting for?

Those affected protect themselves from sensory overload. It is a coping mechanism that helps them calm down, reduce anxiety, or regulate intense emotions. to the most important mission include:


Sufferers stimulate themselves when they are bored or participate in monotonous activities or in an environment that causes them discomfort.

Organizing meaning

As already mentioned, climbing also has a protective function when the affected person is exposed to a large number of stimuli: bright light, noise, frantic activity, crowds of people, etc. This self-regulating behavior makes it easier for them to process these stimuli And you feel safe.

Emotion management

Stereotypes help those affected deal with intense emotions. For example, if they are under stress or in a threatening environment, they can use it Fears dismantling.

Communication and expression

Blackouts can also play an important role in emotional communication. People use it to express their discomfort to let others know they need support or encouragement. However, you can also use it to have fun and happiness to make it visible.

Hybridization can interfere with daily life if it occurs frequently and intensively.

Should sweating be prevented?

In the past, many believed that self-motivating behavior needed to be controlled and corrected. Intervention protocols have been developed to address these stereotypes. Meanwhile, many agreed experts | Agree that styling has important features that must be respected and understood.

However, there are also different situations in which intervention can be beneficial:

  • Displacement can lead to self-harm (including when the subject hits his head against a wall).
  • This behavior can disturb attention and thus negatively affect learning processes.
  • It can be self-reinforcing because it is rewarding. Sometimes affected people get busy with themselves. Frequency and severity can affect daily life.
  • Displacement can be a stigma Because other people don’t understand stereotypes or find them strange. So, social relations being heavy. Victims often experience rejection.
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So it must first be made clear whether the self-motivating behavior is harmful in any way. Only then does the intervention make sense. concerned person can to learnto organize themselves in other ways.

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