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Press statements about Inter Milan – AC Milan after the second leg of the semi-final: “Inter collides with the final”

Press statements about Inter Milan – AC Milan after the second leg of the semi-final: “Inter collides with the final”

The first of the Champions League finalists was determined: Inter Milan beat AC Milan in the city derby. After two wins (2-0, 1-0), the Nerazzurri are vying for the biggest title in European football for the first time since 2010.
At that time, Inter won the cup in the final against Bayern Munich (2-0). Now the opponent on June 10 in Istanbul is Real Madrid or Manchester City (first leg 1-1). The two clubs will play the final match on Wednesday (9:00 pm in the live tape).

Inter’s maturity has been particularly praised in the European press. On the other hand, the opponent, Milan, was criticized. And “Gazzetta dello Sport” wrote about “timid attempts by the Rossoneri”. For “Tuttosport” it was “embarrassing”.

Champions League

A touch of 2010: The black and blue monster has awakened

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The red card against Francesco Acerbe (min. 52) that was not given was also a big problem after the duel at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

The press about Inter Milan – AC Milan:

Southgerman newspaper: “Enter the final calmly: Inter Milan also won Euroderby II against city rivals AC, thus entering the Champions League final in a manner reminiscent of the great triumph of 2010.”

FAZ: “Inter Milan eyeing the crown: After 13 years, Inter Milan have reached the Champions League final. They decide the emotional second leg against AC Milan 1-0. Their opponents could be Manchester City or Real Madrid.”

ntv: “The assault goes unpunished – Inter Milan struggles in the Champions League final: Inter also wins the second leg after the first leg of the semi-final, eliminating AC in an unending duel – but it’s fortunate that the referees don’t punish a bad kick with a red card.”

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Sport 1: “VAR uproar notwithstanding! Inter’s dream is still alive. Inter Milan also win the second leg of their semi-final against city rivals AC Milan and reach the Champions League final. A bad kick causes a stir.” “Milan miss the miracle – Pasta! Magically Inter reached the final.”

Mirror: “Martínez puts Inter in the final against AC Milan in a city duel. The first finalists were decided in Serie A: Inter Milan also won the second leg of the semi-final against Milan. The city rivals were upset by an apparent refereeing error.”


Gazzetta dello Sport: “Inter are in a frenzy: Lautaro scores, Milan must concede defeat. It’s the Champions League final after 13 years! Inzaghi’s men repeat their victory in the first leg in the second half and resist the (timid) attempts of the Rossoneri. The team that played better and more honestly, goes to Istanbul.”

La Republica: “Laotaro closes the sack, the Nerazzurri in the Champions League final against City or Real. After winning 2-0 in the first leg, the striker also decided the second leg in favor of the Inzaghi team. Now the final chapter in Istanbul on June 10.”

tuttosport: “Lautaro is ruthless, Milan is embarrassing: Inzaghi in the Champions League final. In San Siro, the Nerazzurri also won the second leg of the Euro Derby: he stopped the Rossoneri, and the Argentine’s goal in the 74th minute decided it.”

Corriere della Sera: “Laotaro, Nerazzurri’s goal in the Champions League final: Inter qualifies for the Champions League final by defeating AC Milan in the second leg. Lautaro’s goal decides the match.”

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daily Mail: “Inter beat city rivals AC Milan 3-0 through a Lautaro Martinez goal. But that was the Champions League semi-final in name only. UEFA might present the trophy in Manchester.”

the sun: “Inter final: Lautaro Martínez goal secures the Nerazzurri’s entry into the Champions League final against their rivals”.

Daily mirror: “Lautaro Martínez propelled Nerrazurri to the Champions League final with Manchester City’s victory over Real Madrid while holding off sluggish rivals AC Milan.”

Freelancer: “Inter have already shown how they can win the Champions League: Real Madrid or Man City meet the Nerazzurri in Istanbul.”


like: “A Toro awaits in the final: Inter confirms their superiority and also wins the second leg of the Euroderby thanks to Lautaro’s goal. They will play their sixth Champions League final in Istanbul.”

El Mundo Deportivo: “Inter, first Champions League finalist! In a much more tactical duel than in the first leg, Lautaro Martinez decided tonight with the goal of bringing his club to Istanbul. Neither Lukaku nor Lautaro; the star of Inter is Simone Inzaghi.”

Brand: “Lautaro decides the second leg and Inter in the Champions League final: the Argentine scored the decisive goal, and Inter also won the second leg against Milan.”

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Champions League

A touch of 2010: The black and blue monster has awakened

7 hours ago