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Prince Andrew could be stripped of the Duke of York title

Prince Andrew could be stripped of the Duke of York title

In the context of civil proceedings for allegations of sexual assault Queen Elizabeth II (96) her son Prince Andrew (62, Duke of York) He was stripped of his military posts and royal patronage. In addition, he was not allowed to call himself “His Royal Highness” since then.

to me “daily Mail” York City Council members have now voted unanimously to strip him of his honorary citizenship after the case was settled. The honor of “Freedom of the City” was given to Prince Andrew on February 23, 1987 as a wedding gift.

But city council members go one step further. They demand that the Queen strip her son of the title of “Duke of York” if Prince Andrew does not voluntarily relinquish him soon.

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Prince Andrew is no longer fit to represent the city

Representative Daryl Smalley made the proposal: “The freedom of honor in York is the highest distinction we can give as a city. Having stripped the Queen of her military functions and royal patronage, we see fit to remove all ties.”

He added that the consensus had made it clear that it was no longer appropriate for Prince Andrew to represent York and her people. “The next logical step is for Prince Andrew to relinquish the title of Duke of York.”

Smalley stressed that if Prince Andrew did not comply, the palace would have to step in and scrap the title “to finally end Prince Andrew’s relationship with Bjork”.

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Both the palace and a spokesman for the Duke of York declined to comment to the Daily Mail.