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Prince Harry is making a storm of statements

Prince Harry is making a storm of statements

Now there is another buzz around the Americans’ declarations of their choice.

Prince Harry, 37, has had to accept the damage done to his image in recent years. First, he was often criticized for leaving the British royal family with his wife, Duchess Meghan (40). The revelations about members of the royal family were not well received either. Now there is buzz once again over the 37-year-old’s comments.

On the topic of mental health, a father of two asserted in an interview with Fast Company that you should quit your job if you are not satisfied there – after all, personal happiness comes first. Prince Harry: “Lots of people around the world are stuck in jobs that didn’t bring them happiness and are now putting their sanity and their happiness first. This is something to celebrate.” There was now an uproar on social media for this statement.

“Terrible comment!”

“Most of us have a job to finance a roof over our heads and food in our family’s stomachs. Terrible comment!” she said in a Twitter post.

Another user wrote: “Prince Harry says you should quit your job if you’re not happy. But what about hospital staff, hotel staff, women and men who are grateful to get a job? Prince Harry, you’re so far away from the reality of hard-working people.” She has become a joke character that one can only be ashamed of.”

Many accuse the former royal family that the statement was inappropriate. Even after withdrawing from the royal family, Prince Harry continues to finance his life through his royal status, related TV shows, appearances, and collaborations.

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