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Bill Kaulitz reveals emotional details

Bill Kaulitz reveals emotional details

Bell took on important duties at the wedding of Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum.BILD: Getty Images North America / Demetrius Kambouris

This wedding was a family affair! A little over a year after the couple’s outing gave up Heidi Klum Tom Kaulitz in a romantic party on a yacht in Italy word yes. Tom’s brother Bill took a special part at the party: he trusted the model and his brother. That was not all: The Tokio singer also made sure that the day was unforgettable for everyone.

Bill Kaulitz married his brother Tom and sister-in-law Heidi

Bill and Tom Kaulitz talked about Tom’s wedding on their podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood”. However, they came up with the topic by chance. In fact, the two brothers talked about Angela Merkel’s tattoo, with which the 67-year-old was adopted last week after 16 years as chancellor. In particular, the brothers discussed the choice of Angela Merkel for music. On her wish list were “I Forgot the Color Film” by Nina Hagen, “For me it should rain red roses” by Hildegard Knife and the hymn “Mighty God, we praise you.”

In this context, Tom wanted to know from Bill which songs he would have chosen had they been his tattoo. Instead of responding directly, Bill digressed a bit: “I was going to make a huge rug. I was going to put on a great costume, and then of course I was going to give a very emotional speech that could have been over seven minutes long.”

“It would have been convenient because you love to write,” Tom added. Then Bell made a comparison to the wedding of Heidi Klum and his brother. “I would have given the speech as wide as the one you wrote at your wedding. I think I am a passionate writer.”

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Then Tom revealed, “Do people really know that you were our chaplain?” “Yeah, I married you guys. I did the whole ceremony, and I wrote it all over the place”Bell replied. And the 32-year-old apparently did well, if his brother is to be believed.

In fact, he mastered his task so well that it caused many guests to cry. Remember the music:

“There was a lot of mucus and water crying in there. Me too, of course, but it was very nice because a lot of them didn’t get any further.”

“So that would have been his farewell speech,” Bell added, returning to the original question: “What song would he choose for his tattoo?” Bill didn’t have to think for a second: He would have loved Annie Lennox’s Little Bird.

How does Bill imagine his wedding?

Bill has already thought about his own wedding. In an interview with Kai Pflaume, he said on his YouTube channel that under no circumstances would he marry barefoot on the beach. Instead, he preferred an elegant hotel in an unknown location as a wedding location. “In nature, far away, where you are with your loved ones”It is to explain. He also said he wanted a wedding that was elegant and outrageous — “just like my outfit.”

His brother and sister-in-law’s wedding is also an inspiration. He said of their big day: “Tom and Heidi got married on a boat – that was amazing. It was also the best day of my life, I think.”


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