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Prince William shows nerves during US visit

Prince William shows nerves during US visit

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According to a body language expert, Prince William appears restless on his trip to America. Does he not have the support of his wife Kate in his brother Harry’s new home?

New York – The model couple of the British royal family is Prince William (41) and Kate Middleton (41). When they meet together, they show themselves to be a strong unit, each allowing the other to shine. From a year full of blows to the neck with the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022), Prince Harry (39) and Meghan Markle (42), the Netflix documentary and Harry’s memoir “Spare” (German : “Reserve”), in which Kate and William was both depicted in a sometimes stark manner, and both emerged strongly.

“William’s Rock in Kate Surf”: According to the expert, Prince William appears more confident in the presence of his wife

“They are the first to admit that it has been a difficult year, but everyone agrees that William and Kate have remained strong despite the adversity, a great achievement,” it was quoted as saying. Us Weekly An internal. “They admire each other. William tells anyone who asks that he couldn’t have done it without Kate, and she says the same thing back.” But the sibling drama between Prince Harry and Prince William still left its mark. Without his Kate, William feels insecure, body language expert Darren Stanton analyzes aloud. OK!Press release of the heir to the throne in New York.

“While Kate is naturally more confident alone and together, William is more confident around his wife,” says Stanton. “Although he still behaves in a way that is perceived by the public as confident, gestures such as his hands in his pockets and his non-engaging smile suggest that he feels a certain nervousness.” When the two appear together, William prefers to focus on Princess Kate.

We often see Kate letting William take the lead in their shared engagements and rock. When he’s alone, William is more reserved and not as lively as he could be when he’s with Kate.

‘Look how nervous William is’: Prince Harry is actually playing at home in America

Body language expert Judy James vouches for Prince William Glass A certain amount of uncertainty during his stay in New York – perhaps due to William’s self-chosen new home with his brother Harry – lives with his wife Meghan Markle, 42, and their children Archie. 4) and Lilibet (2) live in Montecito, California “The left hand, fiddled with his jacket, forms a small barrier to the outside world. “It’s a sign of how nervous William is,” said James. Nevertheless, Prince William can count his trip to America as a complete success.

On the left, Prince William visits a fire station near the World Trade Center in September 2023, and on the right, Kate Middleton in front of HMP High Town prison.
Hidden hands, very reserved facial expressions – without Kate Middleton, Prince William looks somewhat reserved during his visit to New York. (Photomontage) © Image Coalition/dpa/AP/Stefan Jeremiah/PA Wire/Jonathan Brady

On the one hand, the heir to the British throne diligently promoted the Earthshot Prize, which he founded, which will be presented in Singapore in November, and on the other hand, he was admired for his approachable and friendly manner and was celebrated by New Yorkers. It is. Although one thing about Kate Middleton’s success bothers him, Prince William isn’t jealous of his wife. In America, the son of King Charles III. (74) Take the title-pages themselves as an exception. Sources used:,,

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