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Princess Charlene: A wrong criticism of Albert

Princess Charlene: A wrong criticism of Albert

The most wounded words are not the spoken words. It is often the unspoken words that strike with poison arrows …

She was a princess for months Charlene (43) Far from Monaco. On her trip to South Africa, she contracted a severe inflammatory disease of the ear, nose and throat (ENT) and had them run several times. She hasn’t been home since. “I miss my children so badly. If there was a mother who was separated from her children for months, she would think like I do”Charlene said in an interview.

It was recently posted online by the princess herself. She honestly talks about the longing of twins Jack and Gabriella (6). but her husband Prince Albert (63) He did not mention it in a syllable. Sounds like a nasty criticism of him!

The last time she was able to hold children in her arms was in August. Albert brought them to Africa. But when Charlene came to the clinic after a breakdown and recently had another operation under general anesthesia, her husband did not come to her for help. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t have a good word for him?

Prince Albert and Charlene: He’s giving her her freedom

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