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„Grey’s Anatomy“: Hauptdarsteller nennt Patrick Dempsey einen „totalen Tyrann“

Lead Actor Calls Patrick Dempsey A ‘Total Tyrant’

The former lead actor of “Grey’s Anatomy” Isaiah Washington raises serious allegations against the series and talks about the harsh conditions on the set. Especially the actors “McDreamy” Patrick Dempsey It must have spoiled the mood.

Washington also has an explanation for why no actor has said anything yet.

Nobody wants him in the series.

Isaiah Washington is known to most fans of Gray’s Anatomy as a Dr. Preston Burke a favour. As Cristina Yang’s partner, he became one of the main characters in the first three seasons and took care of him Lots of drama and excitement in the hospital series. But now he tells in one of them that there was also a lot of drama and arguments behind the scenes An interview with Tavis Smiley.

Because as Washington explains, it was so Control of the highly toxic environment. He had particularly big problems with Patrick Dempsey, who was a dreamer on the series “McDreamy” game. Dempsey wasn’t a “nice guy from day one.” In the interview, he named Dempsey one “Total Tyrant”.

There was a reputation in the group that Dempsey was one ‘trial gift’ He was; So an actor is a burden to record a series. “Nobody wanted him on the show, they wanted Rob Lowe,” Washington explains. indeed Dempsey quickly became one of my absolute favorite series.

Grey’s Anatomy: Washington felt uncomfortable on set

In the interview, he emphasized that Washington itself had never felt comfortable with the group. Instead, he had the impression ‘I never wanted to’ to be. Every day I was reminded of a problem: You are number 4 on the timeline.‘,” he explains in the conversation. He had known Dempsey’s reputation for a long time. He had heard that ‘Kate Walsh [Anm. sie spielte Addison Montgomery] thrown out the window and TR [Anm. er spielte George O’Malley] terrifies” You have.

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It is said that Ellen Pompeo accepted the silent money

But why didn’t anyone say anything about Dempsey’s bad behavior at the time? Washington has an answer to that question, too. Because he throws lead actress Ellen Pompeo – she plays the role Meredith Gray take over – before, “bribe” to accept.

He doesn’t say exactly who he’s supposed to give her this money for, but he’s talking about an amount Five million dollars. This should have been given to them Not telling the world how toxic and disgusting Patrick Dempsey was.Washington describes. A short time later, Pompeo signed a new contract for the role and received a salary of $20 million Highest Paid TV Actress.

The Grey’s Anatomy scandal was an excuse?

Meanwhile, Washington complains that his behavior on the set was used to cover up Patrick Dempsey. Because Washington and Dempsey had one Controversy, which was later used against Washington and The first big scandal around “Grey’s Anatomy” Drove. Because shortly after the conflict in 2006, it was announced that Washington had a file Anti-gay insult to TRKnight I have to say. Several witnesses confirmed this.

What followed was a media turmoil, Washington had to go Publicly apologize for his behaviour, and I went off to therapy and eventually left the chain. But today he says so Abuse was never in the form The argument against him was deliberately used.

By the way, Washington is now He is no longer alone with his allegations against Dempsey. Because only recently a producer spoke in Enthüllungsbuch “How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy” of Dempsey’s toxic behaviour. “Some of the actors were All kinds of PTSD with him‘,” producer James DeBarriott explains in the book, describing how Dempsey often “intimidated the group.”

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You can do the whole interview Here Listen!