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Princess Peach Showtime's new promo shows 4 more transformations – SHOCK2

Princess Peach Showtime's new promo shows 4 more transformations – SHOCK2

Princess Peach: Showtime It will be released for Switch on March 22, 2024 and takes place in a theater where Peach has to save the show with the help of bouncer Stella. With matching outfits, the princess can take on different roles and use different skills.

Today was new Showtime Princess PeachA trailer was released showing four additional character transformations. It was already known that Peach could transform into a kung fu fighter, detective, pastry chef, swordsman, ninja, and cowgirl. The game's latest trailer, seen above, shows that she can also transform into an ice skater, a swashbuckling thief, a mermaid, and the powerful Peach to achieve various goals.

· Figure skater peach: The princess glides across the ice with her usual elegance. Along with the other actors, Peach gives a stunning performance: with precise turns and jumps, she bends around the competition to help her fellow competitors.

· Master Thief Peach: Stealth, sneaking and outsmarting is the name of the game in this daring performance. In the role of master thief, Peach uses various tools to overcome Sauertroop's defense lines. She experiences the thrill (and magic) of espionage and dramatic escape.

· Peach mermaid: An undersea adventure doesn't stop Beach from singing. With her magical voice, she harmonizes with an underwater orchestra and controls entire schools of fish to find new paths and solve puzzles.

· peach piercing: Who's coming? It's the superhero Peach! The heroine becomes a superhero who defends others with her superpowers. Peach can fly, throw heavy objects, and battle her opponents in action-packed spectacle on the ground and in the air.

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