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Proven Concept – Coromon Monster Collecting Game Gets Release Date & New Trailer – ntower

Coromon is a refreshing twist on the monster taming genre that is set in the enchanting world of pixel art.

The game incorporates elements of the JRPG genre within the framework of monster taming games, offering the best of both worlds. Experience a vast and fascinating story, face powerful bosses and use puzzles to find your way through various dungeons.

great story

You will face powerful bosses, hordes of wild Kuromon, and trainers who are looking for challenges.

The combat system is based on stamina. So think carefully about the skills you need. Attack your enemies’ stamina, apply effects, and damage them with a wide range of abilities until you defeat them.

When you’re ready, you can challenge your friends online and show who’s the best at training!

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You play the role of an aspiring researcher who joins the technologically advanced Lux ​​Solis organization. There you will be assigned to a special team, the Titan Squad, and you will be given the task of searching for the six giants who reside in the Velwa region.

But you soon encounter strange forces that unleash a mysterious elemental species on your planet that is slowly crumbling the foundations of the world.

Lux Solis supports you with useful tools, but you alone have to collect giant gems and repair damage to the core of the earth.


Discover a fascinating story about a Coromon boss who has just started working for the mysterious organization Lux Solis.

Choose the difficulty level that suits you: easy, normal, hard, incredible. Or activate the built-in random number generator for a completely unique gaming experience – game variables are at your fingertips.

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Battle through Filwa against six different Titans of immense power and test your Kuromon’s abilities in a variety of challenges and puzzles.

Challenge your friends in casual or competitive online battles. Rank up to become the best Koromon Trainer.

Personalize your trainer with hundreds of clothes and hair styles, and your own Coromon with the ability to choose stats to suit her build.

Capture over 120 koromons with individual animations and archetypal designs in the many different climatic zones of Filwa.

Hear the original soundtrack with over 50 different tracks composed by Davi Vasc inspired by the best soundtracks of the genre.

Turn-based tactical combat

We are pleased to introduce you to Coromon, which we developed with great passion. Koromon is our tribute to the classics of the genre. Staying true to the core gameplay, we wanted to add new features while still capturing the old look with modern pixel art.