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PS Plus: Free Games July 2021 – Announcement date considered safe

PS Plus: Free Games July 2021 – Announcement date considered safe

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When will the free games for PS Plus be announced in July 2021? Sony just released the latest batch of free games. Fans are curious.

Hamburg It’s time for your monthly dose of free PlayStation games again. Sony He activated the new games for the next month on June 1 and with him debrisAnd the Battlefield V And the Stranded deep withdrew from the show. In return, subscribers can then switch to skewer Virtua Fighter 5 As well as space in Star Wars: Squadrons For PS4 Co-operative Spy Adventure Tango . process to PS5 looks forward. But then what? Let’s take a look at what July 2021 might bring for PS Plus.

Service name PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
monthly fee رسوم €899
sponsors Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
keyboard PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5)
Advantages 2 most popular free games, access to ps4 / 5 online multiplayer, exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store, 100 GB online storage
Active Memberships 47 million users

PS Plus: July 2021 – When are the Sony announcements coming?

As always, the same process applies to the following PS Plus games, provided there are no delays from Sony. The next free games are usually announced on the last Wednesday of the month before they are activated on the first Tuesday of the following month. This means that the July titles will be announced on June 30th. After that, fans have to wait until July 6 for the new games to unlock.

  • Estimated date: Wednesday 30th June 2021
  • Estimated time: 5:30 PM (German time)
  • Free games expected on PlayStation Store: Tuesday 7/6/2021
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In the in-between period, subscribers of the online service can add the previous month’s games to the library for six days. However, this information is not guaranteed, as sometimes the announcement at Sony may be delayed. The last time something like this happened was in February 2021, they came in the months that followed PS Plus Blog Posts But on schedule from the publisher.

PS Plus: July 2021 – What are the next free games?

With the new month, speculation begins as always about what games could come next for free for PS Plus. Alleged leakers on 4Chan, Reddit, and Twitter regularly throw their hats into the ring and create their own collections of hopefully free games. It’s not uncommon for these to be wrong, as was the case with free games for PS Plus in June 2021. Overall, many fans have been increasingly disappointed lately with the selection available and the lack of larger AAA games.

On the heels of the upcoming releases of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and the recently introduced Horizon Forbidden West with gameplay, some PlayStation fans still have to hope that their predecessors Ratchet & Clank (2016) and Horizon Zero Dawn will be free again. This is unlikely to happen, precisely because both games were free for all PlayStation players as part of the Play at Home initiative. Other than that, there are hardly any other PS5 releases slated for July that can be released for free via PS Plus.

PS Plus: Free Games in July 2021 – This is the date that Sony will reveal

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So subscribers should instead rely on Sony to include fairly old games in the service again. One possibility – if only a guess – is that Ghost of Tsushima will become available for free on PS4. Samurai Adventure was released in July 2020 and can come free for your first anniversary. After all, Sony also offered Final Fantasy VII Remake for free in March, not even a year after its release.

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