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These models are now cheap on Amazon!  |

These models are now cheap on Amazon! |

Soon after launch, Apple products are traditionally in great demand. This is no different from the newly released iPhone 13: many variants have either expired or were only available with a waiting period. Others are widely available or even discounted. The Current status of merchandise and offers on Amazon We show you here. We keep this article updated, but because availability can change quickly at times, it’s worth taking a quick detour to the linked product page on Amazon when in doubt.

>>> Overview of all iPhone 13 variants on Amazon <<

Deal Overview: These iPhone 13 Deals Are Available on Amazon

iPhone 13: These models are available and they are already cheaper

The iPhone 13 from Amazon is available in three memory variants and five colours. availability The most expensive variant with 128 GB: The red version, The blue version, The pink version, The Variant “Polarstern” And the black variant “midnight” Available with a waiting period.

This is how you look with them Variants of 256 GB memory who in blue The smartphone will reach you in 1-2 months. The red version The Midnight Edition and the “Polarstern”Variants are available from the beginning of December. The pink edition sold. The cheapest among the available versions is blue variantYou can save 54 euros on RRP.

when 512 GB version Availability looks like this:

iPhone 13 Mini: Available and partially discounted

iPhone 13 Mini is also available in three memory variants: 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. In 128 GB version rot And blue Stored, Schwartz And “Polarstern” Available with a waiting period of 1-2 months. The pink version Usually ready to ship in 8 days. The white version is the cheapest: you can Already for 785 euros to buy.

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when 256 GB version for iPhone Mini be rotAnd blueAnd midnight And pink Stored. “Polarstern” It is currently sold. By using blue and red, you can save a few euros compared to the rest.

the biggest iPhone 13 Mini 512GB Storage inside pink And rot Available. blueAnd midnight And Polarstern It has been sold. You are currently saving with the pink variant, The It is reduced by 50 euros.

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max: This is how long you should wait for delivery

Yemen Premium Model iPhone 13 Pro Wants to snatch, he has to be patient: all four variants of Gold, Graphite, Sierra Blue, and Silver are currently sold out or Only available with waiting line. This applies to all four storage variables as well as to the model iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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