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Psychologist explains reasons for Prince Harry’s behavior

Psychologist explains reasons for Prince Harry’s behavior

Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” hits like a bombshell. Royal shares intimate moments from her past. Among other things, he talks about the tragic loss of his mother, his two children and his love story with Duchess Meghan.

But in addition to personal insights into his inner life, “Spare” offers one thing in particular: scathing critiques and scathing accusations. In particular, King Charles III, Queen Camilla, Prince William and Princess Kate are shedding their fat. What is significant, however, is that Harry blames those around him – and of course the British press as well – not just for their behavior but for his own. But how come Harry often blames others?

Prince Harry’s finger points

Harry’s constant accusation: The British press is taking his words out of context and twisting his statements. He also lamented the same in various television interviews he conducted for promotional purposes a few days ago. For example, in an interview with Stephen Colbert, he says he didn’t brag about killing 25 people in Afghanistan. The report by the press has put him and his family at risk, the 38-year-old complains. Although the term “show off” is an exaggeration, Harry describes his Afghanistan mission in his book as sometimes very difficult, for example, describing the enemy fighters he killed as “chess pieces falling off the board.” In addition, military experts criticized Harry’s disclosure of such “sensitive” information as posing a major security risk.

Another surprise: In a famous interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan and Harry clearly accused the royal family of racism. In a new interview, Harry didn’t want to know any more about it. Instead, he reiterates that the British press took his quotes out of context. After all, there is a difference between racism and “unconscious bias.”

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Harry didn’t just see the press as the reason for the many negative headlines. In his memoirs, for example, he describes how his now-infamous Nazi outfit came about, for which the then 20-year-old was heavily criticized. However, according to her, William (40) and Kate (41) encouraged her to choose such a tasteless dress.

Expert on Prince Harry’s behavior: “
From my perspective, this marital relationship with Meghan is a trigger.”

But how often does Harry look elsewhere for blame? spoke to psychologist Sebastian Bartoschek about Harry: “Over the last few years with Harry you can see an increasing tendency to externalize, i.e. to assign the blame for behavior to a third party. I think there is a tendency towards so-called groupthink. Groupthink means if I surround myself more with the same people. , I will find a unified story and distinguish myself from others. From my point of view, this marital relationship with Meghan was really a trigger, and then went back to America. From the point of view of negative attributes about the royal family, you can already see that there is a growing increase.

Harry and Meghan have “found an appreciative audience” in America, especially with accusations of racism against the Windsors. “In my opinion, it has something to do with the fact that Harry, when the situation was different, had a very visible and good position in the royal family as the Queen’s favorite grandson. Now I have to justify to him why I am where I am. And people generally tend to blame others for such things. .If you — that’s what I call groupthink — assume that he has an environment that definitely supports his perspective, this process is reinforced again.

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Psychologist: “
“I don’t think Harry is lying.”

Sebastian Bartoszek thinks Harry and Meghan are positioning themselves against the Royals from an American perspective. “He also needs some of that for final liberation. […] “I don’t think Harry is lying in the sense of deliberately spreading lies, but I think the whole thing might be coming into his memory,” the expert asserts.

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Prince Harry testified in his autobiography that he killed 25 people in Afghanistan – a move that drew many critics to the scene. Now he has justified these statements on an American talk show.

Prince Harry appeared on American talk show The Late Show with host Stephen Colbert. Along with Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, the trio filmed a short skit that was picked up by the British media as an attack on the royal family.

The British royal family didn’t exactly come out well in the much-anticipated Prince Harry autobiography, Spare. But at least he has some kind words for his ex-girlfriends. He speaks highly of his longtime love Chelsey Davy.

Psychologist explains reasons for Prince Harry’s behavior