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Purse Express – Verdi has called a strike for collective bargaining rights at Amazon in the state of New South Wales

RHEINBERG / WERNE (dpa-AFX) – Verdi services union includes employees of online giant Amazon He called a strike at the Rheinberg and Werne positions in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the fight for collective agreements, they must stop working at the start of the night shift, the union announced on Sunday.

Verdi is asking Amazon to recognize collective bargaining agreements in the North Rhine-Westphalia retail sector. The union also wants a collective agreement for the “good and healthy work” of employees.

“Time pressure, impulsiveness, and monotonous activities can make employees sick,” NRW negotiator Silk Zimmer emphasized in a statement. To prevent this, it is necessary to create working conditions that will preserve the health of employees in the long run. Amazon can set a good example here. For their obligation, employees are also entitled to be remunerated for their work in accordance with the collective agreement.

According to Verdi, about 1,800 people work on the Amazon sites in Rheinberg and Verne. In Werne there must be a strike until Wednesday, in Rheinberg a day is longer./beg/DP/he

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