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Puzzle: Logical thinking is required on this bus trip

Puzzle: Logical thinking is required on this bus trip

Would you like to take the bus? Our puzzle makes it possible! Well, can you come up with the solution right away?

How many passengers are you looking for?

This bus journey is harder than you thought when you first started. A lot of logic is required here! After all, it’s about testing your rational abilities and challenging your mind. Let’s see if you have the right answer right away!

This task needs to be solved

The bus drives along 12 passengers. Get off at the first stop 5 passengers And 3 height a.

Question: How many passengers were on the bus since the beginning?

Now think for a moment. And the? Do you have any idea how many passengers are on the bus? Just scroll down a bit to get the decision.

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Are you in puzzle fever? Well, here are some tough challenges:

Here comes the decision:

See for yourself how many people are still on the bus who have been there from the beginning.

© Gui Athay

After 12 passengers got on and 5 got off at the beginning, there were still 7 passengers on the bus from the start. No matter how many new people join.

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