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QNAP: Deadbolt is back, update recommended

qnap . logoQNAP is not currently resting. It seems that many criminals have identified NAS devices as a profitable target for ransomware attacks. Hardwareluxx was already reported at the end of January 2022 about forced patches due to a hardware zero-day vulnerability. This scenario may now be necessary again. According to the QNAP Product Security Incident Response Team, NAS systems with QTS versions 4.3.6 and 4.4.1 are currently being targeted by Deadbolt ransomware attacked. For this reason, the manufacturer once again explicitly requires its users to import the existing firmware.

The update can be found through the Control Panel. Under System > Firmware Update, you will find the item “Live Update”. Alternatively, it is possible to download the program from the administrator QNAP website Free Download. Before installation, it is advisable to restart the NAS once.

Basically, it is recommended that you do not connect your NAS to the Internet without protection. If possible, you should turn network storage offline and only access it over the local network. Remote access can be implemented using a VPN connection, for example.

In addition to QNAP also has Synology reported vulnerabilities in its systems. Thus, users of Synology systems should also check if the current version of the firmware is running on their network storage.

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QNAP Turbo Station TS-473A-8G, 8GB RAM, 2x 2.5GB – T.
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