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Queen Camilla shrugged at Wimbledon

Queen Camilla shrugged at Wimbledon

without King Charles III Visit Queen Consort Camilla On Wednesday with her sister Annabelle Elliott Tennis match at Wimbledon. But she seemed to be in a bad mood: she was not given a proper greeting.

Camila ignores Wimbledon?

It was the first time that Charles’ wife had appeared in her new role as consort of the King at Wimbledon. At the tennis tournament, she takes a seat at the Royal Box with her sister, Annabelle. Camila didn’t exactly look like she was in a good mood.

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There were moments when the Queen smiled and chatted with other Wimbledon visitors. At times her expression was very gloomy.

Onlookers also noticed that the athletes did not bow to Camila and did not bow to Camila – causing astonishment. Some people wondered if the Queen had been publicly snubbed.

Why did tennis players not acquiesce to Camila?

But in reality, it wasn’t about breaking protocol. Because although Wimbledon players used to bow to all members of the royal family, there was a change in this policy in 2003.

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The magazine notes that the fact that Queen Camilla’s debut at Wimbledon did not include any formal gestures of welcome was no offense. the people Clear.

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In 2003, ie according to wishes duke kentThe club chairman agreed at the time that it was time to end the tradition of players bowing or bowing to members of the royal family as they entered and left Center Court.

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The rule has been updated to only apply if the deceased is now Queen Elizabeth II And then Prince Charles – That is, the regent and her successor – Zara Wimbledon.


In recent years, players have chosen to bow or bow down to the king or queen when the trophy is presented to them. However, this is at their own discretion. Princess Catherine often has the honor of presenting the Wimbledon Awards as Patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, as the Duke of Kent used to do during his 52-year tenure as President of the prestigious club.

So Camilla’s frown must have had another reason.