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'Quickly': German Greens want traffic lights coalition with SPD...

‘Quickly’: German Greens want traffic lights coalition with SPD…

The German Green Party proposed to the FDP to start negotiations with the SPD.

The German Greens want to explore a traffic light coalition with the SPD and FDP. This is the Greens’ proposal to the FDP, says party leader Annalena Barbock in Berlin. After the federal elections, the Greens and the FDP first explored possible settlement lines for one of the three coalitions or the other, first together and then separately with SPD (“traffic light”) as well as with CDU and CSU (“Jamaica”).

Barbock said Germany can’t stand a hangover for long. You should start quickly. Green Party leader Robert Habeck added that in the traffic light government coalition, the overlap of content would be greater.

Indiscretion cause trouble

Previously, the folly from Tuesday’s meeting of the Black and Green had caused the Greens to be furious. The newspaper “Bild” quoted statements by the Greens on the issues of EU finance, immigration and the exit from the internal combustion engine. Then the Green Party accused the Conservative Union of breaching the agreed-upon secrecy.

In addition to the Greens, the FDP also wanted to meet for internal party talks on Wednesday morning. FDP General Secretary Volker Wesing had announced an interim result of the explorations.

(APA / dpa / Reuters)

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