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Suddenly the light went out – “Social media” amazes you: the complete failure of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp irritated users.

Suddenly the light went out – “Social media” amazes you: the complete failure of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp irritated users.

“Out of service” “Service unavailable” “No connection”, “…This app is not available” etc.

So, or something like that, you can watch yesterday evening all over the world. Of course “only” when it comes to social media giants Facebook, Instagram And The WhatsApp he goes.

It was completely canceled yesterday evening or was disturbed and could not be reached or contacted.

What infuriated users and social media operators at first and also annoyed them after a few hours – and from the hand of the heart – those who do not use social networks regularly – it turns out that it is called according to different information from the media and also from Facebook itself “Super Jaw”.

Given that FACEBOOK and its affiliates INSTAGRAM and WHATSAPP together have approximately 6.2 billion users, this number must be imagined. The world population is 7.89 billion (as of August 2021, Source: German Foundation for World Population).

The so-called XXXL disorder affected not only Austria, Germany and Central Europe, no, preliminary information according to the whole world.

The economic damage was “only” 7 hours from the complete collapse of the network, 37-year-old American and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerbergto $7 billion.
Zuckerberg’s fortune is now estimated at “only” $120 billion – but seven billion should make up relatively little in these dimensions.


Facebook Chief Technical Officer Mike Schroever Apologies to the users late in the evening and reached out to them via Twitter (odd should be mentioned on the edge here, because the powerful Facebook group had to use a ‘different’ network to be able to pass the information on to the users) that was a great deal network problems The teams are currently working hard to resolve the global upheaval.

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It was also pointed out that important formationsroutersResponsible for data movement between individual Facebook data centers. Serious errors occurred and data traffic was suddenly interrupted, which led to the collapse of all services in the entire company.

Twitter It was in a “high” state for a short time and was pleased that many users suddenly used the SMS service. They wrote something like, “Twitter salutes everyone in the world.”

As you can see, “data breaches” and “network failures” are sometimes massive and 7 hours can reach proportions some cannot even imagine.

In this sense: Happy “WhatsApp-en” again.

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