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What happened to the store?

What happened to the store?

Fundamental skepticism among buyers is fading, but there are still enough problems, especially with the ambiguous pricing of public fees. The good news is that many future electric vehicles could save our energy supply.

Posted in 06.10.2022

Charging electric cars is no longer a mystery. However, there is still a certain amount of skepticism in the field of struggle between range and charging at home and charging on the go – of course, the less knowledgeable the subject, the higher the suspicion. We rarely hear complaints from people who own or use electric cars. Almost everyone is fine or even very well. Perhaps this is less due to the fact that the charging network is developed more perfectly than the fact that most people charge their electric cars at home and rarely have to rely on public charging. Visitor pressure there is still moderate (for now). However, those who travel or often drive long distances cannot do without certain planning procedures. And at express charging stations on the highways, things can sometimes get narrow, for example between Vienna and Salzburg. Ultra-fast charging stations from 150 kW per charging point are particularly well attended, and there are also waiting times – usually not long, but not entirely stress-free on a busy business day for a business traveler.

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