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Rapottenstein - Elvis Presley in a duet with Peter Rabe

Rapottenstein – Elvis Presley in a duet with Peter Rabe

“King of Rock’n’Roll,” represented by Ron Glaser, the official winner of the 2016 Elvis Contest in Bad Nauheim, made a musical foray into three decades of Elvis songs. “We don’t want to imitate Elvis Presley, we want to translate,” explained Renee Grohs of the accompanying music group Der Rittenden Curl, which originally describes itself as “The Red Doods.” “Jail House Rock” to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” to “Don’t Be Cruel” and many other songs ripped the audience apart. Ron Glaser, whose appearance resembles David Garrett, resurrected Elvis Presley as it was.

Peter Raab came as a surprise guest

Had it not been for this talented young artist Ron Glaser on stage, one would have thought he would have attended a live concert of the long-deceased American rock and pop icon. With “Love Me Tender” and “Let me Be Your Teddy Bear”, the audience could no longer be held. Despite the high average age of the audience, everyone applauded, swayed, or stamped enthusiastically to the beat. A group of onlookers with a linear dance background dynamically spiced up the concert with a spontaneous performance. It wasn’t enough, suddenly Peter Raab was there.

After the break, the famous Austrian artist took to the stage. He spoke from the sewing box: “Despite a great new navigation system, I couldn’t get there on time.” With his casual jokes he soon had a laugh beside him. Farewell, he sang Elvis Presley’s song “You Are Always On My Mind” in a duet with Ron Glaser. Krista Traxler of the Rapottenstein Castle Friends Association could satisfy: it was an evening with rock and pop music of the highest quality and an unparalleled atmosphere in these summer conditions.