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Take a look: David Garrett at Classic M Dome

Famous artists have been performing for years at the “Classic am Dome” festival against the backdrop of Liz Mariendom. With this year’s festival postponed due to the coronavirus to 2022, there was a unique opportunity this year: Mariendom opened its doors to offer a stage for “pop star among violinists” David Jarrett. No tickets have been sold for this, the concert can be experienced exclusively on ORF2 and is available at ORF-TVthek.

Classic M Dome 2021 – David Garrett & Band

David Garrett, a pop star among violinists, and his band played in Linz. The concert can be experienced exclusively on ORF2 and is available at ORF-TVthek.

Garrett is best known for his musical repertoire in which the lines between light and serious music are blurred. Classic meets rock and pop melodies. On his current show, he reviews his music highlights from the past ten years, including the hit songs “Nothing Else Matters,” “Purple Rain” and “Viva la Vida.”

At the same time, Garrett interprets world-famous classics such as Scherzo from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Bach’s “Air” and Debussy’s “Clair de Lune,” including elaborate stage performances and great orchestral accompaniment. At the press conference, Garrett said it was a great honor to be at the Mariendom.

“The place is overwhelming – and I think anyone entering Mariendom for the first time feels this way – feels in awe. It’s a very special atmosphere for the artist,” says the musician. The postponed festival should be rescheduled for next year. In addition to Elena Garanca and James Blunt, Garrett can also be seen, who had to cancel his entire tour this year, in front of an audience in front of Austria’s largest church.

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