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Rating 04/19: Hasenpflug receives reinforcements from the United States

Ratingen 04/19 is to qualify for the promotion round. But that alone is not enough for coach Martin Hasanflook. We talked to him.

In Martin Hasenpflug …

… Part of the Oberliga Niederrhein season ended until the winter break:

We have made it our mission to play attacking football and have now scored the third most goals in the league. So that was implemented. Sixth place is impressive. You should see this position in relation to league size. With 23 teams it is different than 15 teams. We were happy with it, but we had two games where we lost annoying points and lost three times in a row. Now at the end of the year it got curved again.

… Staff changes during the winter break:

We have no departure, but a new addition: Simon Bush has just finished his studies in the United States, playing in the College League there and is joining us now. He had already trained with us during preparation. We know him from Fortuna Düsseldorf’s youth, and he was captain there at the time. He knows some of our guys and his character fits our team well.

… Goals for 2022:

We want to ensure our performance. We were very random at times. After good games, bad games often happened. With the last two wins, we have taken a good step towards promotion. Now with five games left, two wins would be enough to make it, however this is our minimum goal. If we were eleventh in the end, no one would jump for joy with us.

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… Product:

We will start again on January 10 and play against Perkis Gladbach, Jenk Osman, Duets 05 Cologne, Mulheimer FC and FC Lennestad. Until then let’s just leave the boys alone. We have had a serious time since we started our products without a break. Boys should also be turned off completely.