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Real Madrid’s 22 guest appearances in the United States

Real Madrid’s 22 guest appearances in the United States

Real Madrid He returned to the United States a summer after his last visit for the 22nd time in club history. You have to go back to 1927 to find the first trip to America. That year our team met Galicia SC in New York (1-1). Since then, Real Madrid have played 49 games in the United States, with four more against AC Milan (Los Angeles), Manchester United (Houston), FC Barcelona (Dallas) and Juventus (Orlando).

De Stefanos Real Madrid
After that first visit, it would be more than 30 years before Real Madrid returned to America. It was 1959, with two games at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York. At that time Di Stefano, Puskas And Gento A team, with their victories European Cup Wrote history. Two years later (1961) came the first trip to Los Angeles. Actress Rita Hayworth starred in Madrid’s 9-0 thrashing of Los Angeles United.

Real Madrid Yeh
A fourth visit to America was in 1965, at the start of the season Sixth European Cup received Among others played Wholesale And Joko In a draw against Independiente in New York. In 1967 Houston hosted a match between Real Madrid and West Ham (3:2). A year later, our team went to the Yankee Stadium in New York and defeated the New York Generals (4:1).

La Quinta del Buitre
Returned after 22 years Real Madrid He returned to the United States in 1990 with “La Quinta del Puitre”, which won five consecutive league titles. Los Blancos have played four games in California and won three.

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21st century
The first visit to America in the 21st century was the 2002 Centennial. The team traveled to New Jersey to play AS Roma. Three years later, with Ronaldo And Beckham In the team, it started Real Madrid A tour of Chicago should lead the team to the Asian continent. The Blancos beat Chivas Guadalajara (1-3) and Los Angeles Galaxy (0-2).

Denied in 2006 Real Madrid Two more games. First in Seattle against DC United (1-1) and in Utah against Real Salt Lake City (0-2). The city of Washington was chosen by the Royals to visit the United States in 2009. FedExField was the venue for a game where our team beat DC United 3-0.

Los Angeles, the main character
It was the first time Real Madrid He completed his pre-season training in Los Angeles in 2010. The team played two friendlies against LA Galaxy at the Rose Bowl Stadium and against Club America in San Francisco. A year later, Madrid scored three victories in Los Angeles, San Diego and Philadelphia. In 2012, the team traveled to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Philadelphia, and in 2013, they played in Phoenix, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Miami, where they were in the finals. International Champions Cup Won against Chelsea. Los Angeles, Dallas and Michigan were all visited by Real Madrid in their previous season in 2014.

Recent visits
After a one-year hiatus, Real Madrid returned to the United States in 2016, playing in Ohio, Michigan and New Jersey. The 2017 stay was marked by Miami’s first Clasico outside of Spain. This year, Madrid also hosted Santa Clara, Los Angeles and Chicago. In 2018 Miami, Maryland and New Jersey met Manchester United, Juventus and AC Roma. A year later, our team returned for the fourth year in a row against FC Bayern, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid in Houston, Maryland and New Jersey. And last previous season, three weeks after the last visit, they met FC Barcelona (Las Vegas), Club America (San Francisco) and Juventus Turin (Los Angeles).

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