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Where game developers meet in Austria

Where game developers meet in Austria

Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck: Regular game developer meetings are now held in some major Austrian cities. Overview.

Written by Robert Glashutner

What do you do when you're new in a city or new to a subject? In such cases, meetups are great, that is, meetings of like-minded people with whom you can communicate and exchange ideas.

There is also something like this for computer game developers in some major Austrian cities. People gather there, introduce each other to their games, chat and learn from each other. This is a great offer, especially for individuals and small teams, such as students or indie game designers.

GameDev Tyrol

Jim Dave Tirole (Innsbruck)

Salzburg started Game Developers Meetings in 2012. They are jointly founded and managed Salzburg Games Workshop By Florian Jindra, who previously worked as a student and then as a lecturer in the field of game development in Salzburg and, among other things, was responsible for organizing the legendary event Load Cat-Multiplayer events are known (see image below).

2014 follows Dave Gratz game (See the picture above) And in 2015 Game Developers Meeting in Vienna (Dave means development, i.e. development). There is a team of several people in Graz, including them Joanna PerkerMichael Hartinger, who comes from Carinthia, organizes in Vienna.

But how do you hold a game makers meeting? You usually start with a larger presentation (keynote) or panel, then there are announcements and often smaller or shorter presentations for games. There will be breaks between chat and network. Since the gaming community is international and there are always visitors from other countries, the language of the event is usually English.

Also in Linz (Dave Lenz game) and Innsbruck (GameDev Tyrol) There are now meetups for game developers. But no matter how long the one-on-one meetings last, the principle is the same here and there: you can get to know each other, exchange ideas, communicate, and inspire each other. Inspiration is important, and it comes naturally when you meet once a month or sometimes more than once. It's like going to a trade show or trick and meeting your community and audience. This dynamic is unbeatable, especially if you view each other not as a competition but as a community.

Michael, Game Developers Meeting in Vienna

Florian, Salzburg Games Workshop

Game Dev meetups are often linked to other events: public presentations, game parties, culture meetups, etc. Above all, Game Dev Graz serves as a hub for many different shows and events (eg Game development days) as a single event.

Game Developers Meeting in Salzburg

Salzburg Games Workshop

At least a few years ago, things were particularly lively at the Salzburg Games Workshop, and at the legendary local multiplayer parties.

Everyone loves get-togethers. This is also reflected in the number of visitors: for example, the Game Developers Meetup in Vienna is almost packed every month. There is a lot of interest, especially since these are events held by the community for the community.