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Realme's new smartphone should be like paper

Realme’s new smartphone should be like paper

The new year should begin with a presentation of the smartphone from Realme. Chinese manufacturer wants the long-awaited Realme GT 2 series A.m January 4 Officially introduced for the first time. The unusual and sustainable product design promises a first preview of the upcoming Realme flagship.

Japanese star designer Naoto Fukasawa from paper Get inspired, says Realme. The materials used are biopolymerOn the basis of paper pulp. In this respect, the smartphone should also feel somewhat like paper.

Better reception, better NFC

Apart from the product design, Realme GT 2 will be one of the first smartphones to feature the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Chip It is driven. In addition to a novel antenna array To get much better Recepion Care guarantee.

It is also claimed to be based on the antenna system NFC setting employment. The “NFC Antenna Array 3” is intended to ensure that NFC reception is available across a wider area and not just at a specific point on the device. This is said to be particularly useful Contactless Payment And with Bluetooth pairing using NFC.

Camera and other models

While the vast majority of manufacturers give their smartphones Wide angle camera Missing 120° field of view, the wide-angle lens for Realme GT 2 Pro should have a field of view 150 locusts to have. According to Realme, the GT 2 Pro is the first mobile phone in the world to have such a wide-angle camera.

In previous leaks she had Camera setup Realme GT 2 Pro It looked completely different And more reminding of the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Responsible LeakerOnLeaks claims that the first images of Realme are “Main version“Display. Its rendered images will show another model of the GT-2 series. In general, Realme wants on January 4 3 different models GT-2 series.

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