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Red Bull brings a new publisher to the World Championship race

Red Bull brings a new publisher to the World Championship race

( – At Red Bull, all eyes are currently on the rear wing, but the team itself has worked elsewhere: in Monaco they have an interesting coarse diffuser in their luggage, which is in the car for the first time in training on Thursday. It was tried before. Max Verstappen.

In white, the jagged edge of the Red Bull diffuser can be clearly seen

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The design has a revised exterior area where the two middle Journey-like extensions are fitted with a jagged edge. On the other hand, Sergio Perez was on the road with the regular variant and provided Red Bull with valuable comparative data.

The change was mainly visible through the use of Flow-Vis paint, which was sprayed onto the rear wing and diffuser during Verstappen. By doing this, the team wants to know if the air is moving as expected.

Since Monaco is a bit unusual in terms of downforce, you may have to work harder with the airflow to get the same results. The forks seem to create smaller spiral structures that can cause bigger problems at higher speeds.

Rough surfaces are nothing new in Formula 1. Mercedes have used them several times over the past few years to find performance. Nails have been in fashion since the mid-2000s. The Ferrari F2004 actually had a jagged rim on the front spoiler.