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German Live League: SK Rapid Vienna - LASK

German Live League: SK Rapid Vienna – LASK

Rapid before the last round of BundesligaThe separation is in a strange situation. The return leg against LASK must take place on Saturday (5:00 PM local time) LIVE-bar), Will take second place in the long-distance duel with the same point as Sturm Graz, who participated in WAC, and thus in the Champions League qualifiers. However, in this case, there would also be a risk of not being in any of the group stages of the European Cup.

Third place, on the other hand, guarantees a minimum of three million euros entrance fee to gain a place in the conference tournament. The amount will make planning for the upcoming season easier, says Sports Director Zoran Barisic. “But we are athletes and we always want to strive for the highest, even if the competitors in the Champions League qualifiers are very strong.” Possible competitors in the second round will be Sparta Prague or Celtic Glasgow.

Coach Dietmar Kohbauer also made it clear that he wanted second place. “Our goal this season was to reach the top three. We are aiming for second place. If we don’t, it will still be a very good season for me.”

Kohbauer doesn’t want it to be ‘bad season’

And according to Kohbauer, the fact that he lost the last three matches does not change that. “I will not spoil myself three games this season,” the 50-year-old assured. Rapid’s continued positive result is the last test of strength with LASK – the last six matches ended in a draw with five wins for Hotldorfer.

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However, one is ready for severe resistance. Kohbauer predicts “It will be a close match, two-way intense and related to small things.” LASK has recently had problems both on and off the field. “But it would be bad to accuse Lusk of a crisis,” Kohbauer said. “They are a very good team and are doing well against the ball.”

Barisic described the speculation about potential violations of Upper Austria against the ban on third-party ownership of a player’s rights as “a very hot topic” and “powerful things. Of course, the presumption of innocence always applies, but the reporting is not without. We focus completely on Rapid, but I am curious to find out what” Whether these claims will be confirmed or not.

Like Kühbauer, the sporting director is rendering a positive result for this season. “We achieved all our goals with the group stage in the European League and a place in the top three. Now we still hope for second place. The team has taken the next step in the right direction.”

Fast hopes of getting “positive energy” from the fans

Barisic has not heard reports of the completion of the new transfers, who will celebrate his 51st birthday on Saturday. In return, the Viennese expressed their happiness at the upcoming comeback of the masses – 3000 could be there against LASK. “This is how I expect positive energy.”

Kohbauer expresses himself likewise. “We want to see a good end to the season with the spectators. It will be fun if every player reclaims the fans, as well as everyone on the coaching team.”

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LASK expects a “true editing game”

LASK fans aren’t allowed to be at Allianz Stadium, but fourth place should work even without their support. “A real liberation game awaits us, and there is a lot going on for both teams. We can and want to decide fourth on our own – the international starting position is our stated goal. To do so, we have to throw everything in the balance again: high intensity” strength in duel and complete conviction in our characteristics. ” Coach Dominic Thalhammer was quoted on broadcast.

LASK no longer had a chance at third. Fourth place upper Austria will be decided by a point win over Rapid. In the event of defeat, Wydad should not win at home against Sturm Graz.

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