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Red Dead Online: Eight new horse races with loads of rewards and prizes

Red Dead Online: Eight new horse races with loads of rewards and prizes

Like every Tuesday, there are new promotions on Red Dead Online today. This time, Rockstar Games will work to the fullest and offer you all-new horse races.

In addition to the usual bonuses and discounts, there is this week Red Dead Online A whole load of new horse racing for you. With the upcoming summer update rolling out, you can really put the right combination of skills and agility to the test in order to win victory in bold and brutal new races.

In the series presented of the week, there are eight new races, including lap-based races, and open variants of classic races and target races. As an added bonus, all races also offer triple RDO $ and XP. The top three racing graduates also get a 40 percent discount offer on the saddle. In addition, there is a 50 percent offer on the improved bow and 20 arrows to conclude a new race.

Regardless of races, you can still get 50 percent off Evans’ repeat rifle, and 40 percent off saddlebags, stirrups and all clothing plus the bow. There’s also 30 percent on all horse meals.

The following items are available at Wheeler, Rawson & Co this week only:

  • Chimney cylinder with compartments
  • Eberhart Mantell
  • McBay jacket
  • Shambless corset
  • Danube uniform

As usual, you can get a free bonus hunter license and trimmed amethyst paint via Prime Gaming.

Red Dead Online – Outlaw Pass # 5 trailer

Starting today, Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass # 5 is officially available.