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Red Ego Games announces the sequel to Re: Turn 2020 – One Way Trip

London-based Red Ego Games is pleased to announce the sequel to the immersive 2D horror adventure Re: Turn – One Way Trip, which will be released on January 28 via Steam for PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Reply: Turn 2 – Runaway Launch Trailer – YouTube

Re: Turn 2 – Runaway is a thrilling, character-driven psychological horror experience in which our hero, Saki, and her fiancé, Sen, are trapped on an abandoned train being haunted by an evil spirit. They must fight their way out to escape the nightmare and free the trapped souls from the evil that has gripped them.

But the actions have consequences – to stay safe, Saki must choose between running, hiding, or facing evil to avoid a fate worse than the lost souls already trapped on the train.

Re: Turn 2 is based on the saga of protagonist Saki, who fights evil in an abandoned commuter train and elsewhere, and features fully redesigned, vibrant, hand-crafted graphics and animation, as well as full voice acting and an all-new soundtrack.

“Our experience with the original Re: Turn and the feedback we received from the media and gamers alike have helped us shape our future projects,” said Omar Beck, founder of Red Ego Games. The gaming experience we wanted, and we still have so much to tell about Saki’s story that we’re excited to share this new chapter with everyone. We’ve rebuilt the game from the ground up, with a new engine, overhauled graphics, and full voice acting. This has allowed us to develop ourselves as developers and take Re: Turn 2 in new directions, with a real focus on horror and stealth.