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What does the Battle Royale V.19.10 update bring?

What does the Battle Royale V.19.10 update bring?

Epic Games announces that the new version Fortnite Battle Royale V.19.10 Update Brings a familiar location back into play and unleashes a new mythical creature on the island. The new update is now available in the game.

With the ice on the island slowly thawing, many places are becoming accessible again. One of them is the famous leaning towers of the famous clock tower.

Fortnite players can look forward to searching apartments again, entering restaurants and fighting in the underground garage – and the No Sweat Insurance office is always worth a visit.

Fortnite’s latest update brings back familiar locations. – (C) Epic Games

In addition to the return of the Tilted Towers, Columbus can now be found on the island, massive creatures that can aid in battle (cover photo). Unless the creatures are provoked, it is possible to climb on them and toss them into the air through the blowhole. In addition to being able to toss them in the air, Columbus also sniffs items that are useful when feeding things like Clogberries, which can be picked from the small bushes around the island.

Additional content included in the new update is the return of the stock grenade launcher (cover photo) with an updated reaction time, as well as a modification of the Crowning Success expression to show the correct number of victories.

All the information and details of the new update, including a list of the latest hotfixes, can be found at Official blog post. Epic Games recently gave Battle Royale a new overhaul, so too More hurricanes on the map are found.

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It is an electronic game Intended for Windows PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch as well as Android and iOS (above Nvidia GeForce Now Beta) can be accessed. Looks like we’ll get one soon Temporary “no-build” mode to get.