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Regional conflict in Albertina: Katarina Gross allows…

Regional conflict in Albertina: Katarina Gross allows…

German painter Katharina Gross is known for her vast, colorful worlds. Now she has covered the hypostyle hall of the Albertina with these: Her colors do not stop at the edges of the canvas.

Our world is full of colour. It can calm us, warn us, guide us, or overwhelm us. This is exactly what happens in the Hypostyle Hall of Albertina. Because here Katharina Gross transformed the room into a photo booth. The German painter, born in 1971, is known for her expansive colorful worlds: at the Hamburg Bahnhof in Berlin three years ago, she allowed them to extend beyond the exhibition hall into the outdoor space; In Philadelphia, she covered the area next to the train tracks with paint; Beach house on Rockaway Beach. She once said that a painted picture could end up anywhere.

At Albertina, she also takes up the entire room, but she dared to try a new experiment: the color is not applied directly across the room. Instead, she covered the walls with plastic sheeting that hung lumpily at the ends. This breaks up the grandeur of the historic space, weakens the columns and creates an informal atmosphere, as if the hall were in transition. In doing so, Katharina Gross opens up a space for her paintings.

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