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Renault plans this for the Zoe e-car after a catastrophic crash test

Renault plans this for the Zoe e-car after a catastrophic crash test

the Renault Zoe It performed very poorly in the last ÖAMTC crash test (Report it to us). Do you became 0 points. Also in the crash test of the German Motorists Association do you The performance of the e-car was very poor. This now has consequences for the electric vehicle. ADAC, one so far Sales cooperation With Renault, he now wants to pause it for now.

So Renault has consequence Declare, the first standard Emergency braking aids Built into his famous Renault ZOE e-car. In the crash test in Germany, this was the lack of it The main reason for bad review.

What drivers can expect

In Austria, the Renault ZOE performed very poorly in the rankings because as a driver of the ZOE you risk life-threatening head injuries, especially if you hit a tree or a lamppost from the side. In addition, there is a high probability of serious injuries to the cervical spine if someone hits you on the back.

Do planned changes bring anything?

So experts assume that installing emergency brake assist won’t change much from a bad outcome, according to reports Because even in the ADAC test report, one comes to similar results as in the ÖAMTC test: “During a heavy side impact to the shaft, the driver’s head hit the piercing shaft, and head injury values ​​indicate poor protection for this part of the body. Compression of the ribs indicated poor chest protection.” Tests on the front seats and head restraints showed poor protection against injury in the event of a rear-end collision.

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Electronic cars can be safe

By the way, the poor performance in both crash tests has nothing to do with the fact that Renault ZOE is an electric car. Other electronic cars like the Fiat 500e fared better in the rankings. Electronic cars can be manufactured as safely as combustion engines.