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Renovation and expansion: groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the Kindergarten in Jennersdorf

Renovation and expansion: groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the Kindergarten in Jennersdorf

In Jennersdorf, the long-awaited start of the kindergarten expansion was announced. Municipal representatives and state parliament speaker Verena Dunst held the joint initiative Wednesday afternoon.

Jennersdorf. With kindergartens and nurseries constantly bursting at the seams in recent years, the expansion of the building, which was constructed in 1981, became inevitable. The building portion currently includes two nurseries including the necessary adjoining rooms. The necessary bedrooms will be newly built.

The expansion, transformation and renovation of the kindergarten is carried out during the ongoing operations and is divided into three construction phases: a new building is being built on the right side of the kindergarten, the existing building from 2001 is being renovated in the middle, and a comprehensive renovation is being carried out on the left side of the renovation.

About 3.5 million construction costs

After the expansion, the area of ​​the new kindergarten with nurseries is 1,520 square meters. In the new building there are group rooms 4 and 5, including all rooms adjacent to the kindergarten, a small group room, relaxation and exercise room 2 with equipment room, treatment room and technique room. The kindergarten will be fully fitted out to the existing and newly new building and will be provided by district heating, electricity and water. The exterior areas will also be redesigned. Construction costs are around 3.5 million euros. The Landesholding Projektentwicklung Burgenland (PEB) takes over the construction work.

“A good, modern facility based on the latest aspects also creates a pleasant and reassuring feeling for parents and educators when children are well accommodated. It also provides better success for learning and working in a feel-good atmosphere,” says Verena Dunst, Chair of the State Parliament.

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