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Report: The Queen’s cousin had influence in Russia

It is suspected that Prince Michael, the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, offered his royal status and his personal relationships with Russia in exchange for money. The 78-year-old, who does not receive any tax money from the royal commission, told investigative reporters pretending to be gold investors from South Korea that he could test 10,000 pounds (11,500 euros) a day with representatives of the Russian leadership. The Sunday Times and Channel 4 broadcaster reported today.

The video call was also attended by Michael’s friend and business partner Lord Simon Reading, who introduced the Queen’s cousin as “Her Majesty’s unofficial ambassador to Russia”. Prince Michael speaks Russian and has repeatedly traveled to Russia for business and leisure. He is said to have been sponsored in part by the British embassy. He is one of the few Britons to be awarded the Russian Friendship Medal.

The office of a member of the royal family said, “Prince Michael does not receive any public money and makes a living with a consulting firm that he has run for more than 40 years.” He has no special relationship with President Vladimir Putin, whom he last met in June 2003. They have had any contact with the Kremlin head or his office and have not had any contact since. His friend Lord Reading expressed his regret for his role: “I made a mistake and promised a lot,” the Sunday Times quoted him as saying.