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Horst to choose about the rare and the true: "I have become more humble."

Horst to choose about the rare and the true: “I have become more humble.”

The former TV chef can also perform extremely calm tones, he has had to cope with several bouts of fate – at the age of 26 he had the first stroke, at 28 seconds with a heart attack, and his 6-month-old also lost SIDS. But he never gave up, carried on, and never broke because of it.

“I don’t think I am mentally stronger, but I have this need to live well. I like to laugh I love to cry also I love to live I wanted to fight on my way there. I never wanted to be someone you feel sorry for or whom you say to him.” : Poor Satan. I wanted to be someone to laugh with. That’s why I always fought my way out of the dramatic situations in life. But what I think is very important to get up: I took the time that I needed to deal with, “he says to choose, who married Nada Since 2009.

In the book, he also describes marital problems caused by his constant absence – he was away from home 200 days a year due to work. And also how well everything went when the two decided to return to Cologne, near his “Bares for Rares” site.

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