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Report: Ubisoft may reveal Skull & Bones release date next month

Report: Ubisoft may reveal Skull & Bones release date next month

According to reports, Ubisoft skull bones It will be officially revealed again next month, along with an exact launch date.

Many pirate fans have been waiting for the Skull & Bones pirate adventure, which was first announced in 2017, for several years. Now the official release date can finally be announced next month. However, there are no official announcements yet.

Like game page tryhardguides It claims that Ubisoft is currently planning to introduce the new game again in the week of July 4th. Specifically, the report states: “Details of the finds are ambiguous, but it is believed that Ubisoft will finally confirm the release date of the long-awaited title, officially reveal the gameplay and announce more details.”

Reasons for this assumption are, among other things, recent comments from Skull & Bones on world ranking boards and a comprehensive video tutorial leak in April, which Ubisoft later confirmed to be true. As part of this, the studio also said that they are planning new announcements soon.

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But why do rumors talk about a “re-reveal” of the game? Reason: Skull & Bones debuted at E3 2017, but a lot has happened since then.

The game, inspired by Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, has been delayed several times, for example, many game mechanics such as live items and more co-op options have been added.

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