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Test Safari 16 - Without macOS Ventura

Test Safari 16 – Without macOS Ventura

Apple has released a beta version of Safari 16 for macOS Monterey and Big Sur. This way, the browser can be tried before the release of macOS Ventura. Until now, there was only the option to install macOS Ventura as a beta. Certainly not everyone will want to or will be able to do it if only one Mac is available.

Safari 16 supports web notifications for the first time. This means that websites and web applications can send notifications to users. This also works when the browser is closed. This is essential for many web developers who want to create progressive web applications. Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a website with many features that are pre-reserved for applications. Like websites, they can be created in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, but they can be stored on a smartphone with application code – on Android and iOS. So far, web push notifications are available on Android but not on iOS. And we all know that many apps are meaningless without notifications. As of Safari 16, this is no longer an argument.

Other new features in Safari 16 include tab group sharing, password editing, and last but not least, the Passkeys feature. This allows you to authenticate websites using your Touch ID login without having to use a traditional password. However, sites must support this.

How to install Safari 16 Beta

First, you must sign up for the Apple public beta program: apple seed program It is a way for regular users to test beta software. You have to apply for access, but that’s not a real obstacle.

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Once you’ve received your invitation to try out the Safari 16 beta, click the link in the email Apple sends you and you’ll be able to download the trial.

Are you going to download and try Safari 16 Beta or are you waiting for the final version? Feel free to write what you plan to do in the comment box.