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Reportage: A little circus mouse is keeping East Tyrol busy right now

Reportage: A little circus mouse is keeping East Tyrol busy right now

He will be hosting a colorful “Dmitriy’s Circus” in Linz for another week with artists, a clown, a dog and a mouse. There is so much to be amazed at, even away from the circus circuit.

“Mom, I’m looking forward to the mouse—and the clown.” At 4:36 p.m., Dimitri Forschel was sitting at the box office of a small house in Ebnerfeld in Linz, selling tickets. Behind him is a large red and white circus tent with his initials on it. Dimitri will be changed in a few minutes. Then, at five o’clock in the evening, he changed from being a ticket seller to the director of “Dmitriy’s Circus”. This person is currently hosting – Until June 26 – in Linz. Friendly clown giving a signal. In the circus tent, the familiar smell of popcorn, cotton candy, and tarpaulins waft toward you. “Enjoy good entertainment in the colorful world of circus. Wipe the ring,” the director calls out to the audience.

Brother duo: Director Dimitri and Chloe Lyon are brothers in real life and have achieved their dream
© Edir

Practical jokes, acrobatics and speed

The friendly clown before seems to call himself Leon Alberto, and he has some practical jokes that he even thinks circus dog Henry is a real lion and waits for his roar. Italian Jessica Jasters fiddles with “flying carpets” with her feet, and Frenchwoman Tessa Zavata stuns with bone-smashing rubber acrobatics. Sonny Caveaga is a rhythm juggler and impresses with his speed, Jessika Jasters hovers above the crowd, swinging and gliding through the air loop a few meters high and “Stefano” in motion with his true high unicycle.

Dr. Eronkin

Director Dmitry also surprises with his “iron chin”. But the highlight of each show is the appearance of Augustine Muzzini, “the world’s only circus mouse”. After doing a tightrope, you slide across the ring into a small, specially made hot air balloon. Loud laughter, great amazement and children’s eyes wide open – all these feelings lead to the two-hour performance. For a short time you forget everything that happens in the world outside this tent for 150 people – this is the real magic of a circus show.

Circus director Dimitri allows Augustine Mossini to balance on his “iron chin”. Animal welfare is an important concern of a circus director (“You are like my children”). The two stars only have short looks
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Magic was taken over by Dimitri Warshel 27 years ago. At that time he was six years old and first visited a snowy circus on the outskirts of Klagenfurt where Würschl grew up. His eyes lit up as he entered the arena and changed his life: “I knew right away that this was exactly what I wanted to do.” With no experience, artist, or circus family to support him, he gradually approached his goal, but before that he took an intermediate academic step and obtained a Doctor of Philosophy.

A show for adults, but mainly for the little ones: With the interactive show, the kids themselves become the stars of the circus
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He has been traveling with his brother Leon (the friendly clown), who is 13 years younger than him, for three years now. Each of the two brothers and the five artists they travel with for one season should be in every respect: putting up posters, organizing transportation, selling tickets, and all the other bureaucratic and logistical steps to take care of. Except for a short winter break, they are on the road all year round, usually staying in Austrian cities for a few days to a few weeks and living their dream. “You just have to fight hard for it, and then your dreams will come true,” Dimitri Forchel wants to motivate others.

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