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Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village cooking tips – a gourmet guide

In Capcom’s latest game, recurring protagonist Ethan Winters faces a variety of monsters and challenges. Werewolf bites, vampire claws, swords, axes, and more – just one thing that helps survive all of these martyrs: exquisite East European cuisine! at Resident Evil Village You cook dishes to open up some hobbyists. Here are some tips on how to become the best chef in the village.

Resident Evil Village(C) Capcom

Kitchen opening times

More precisely, you are cooking Resident Evil Village Not the same. Ethan is, of course, too busy fighting his life (and finding his daughter, of course). Fortunately, the local merchant, who calls himself only “the Duke”, actively supports him. In addition to upgrades and items, the attractive companion also cooks for Ethan, as long as he brings him the ingredients.

However, the Duke only provides this service from a certain point in the game. After you survive your journey to the end of Dimitrescu, you have to collect different parts of what is called a “Winged Key”. Follow the main story of the game and once you have all the bits, the Duke opens his kitchen.

Correct storage

The first chances of picking one or two chickens, fishing or slaughtering pigs appear once Dimitrisco is done. The next message from the game, urging players to bring captured meat to the Duke, is somewhat misleading.

In no way should your loot be sold like other valuables at this point! Since the Duke’s kitchen remains closed, the game vector here may be misunderstood. However, since the ingredients that can be collected are limited, you should definitely not sell them for the money but keep them in the meantime!

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Resident Evil Village(C) Capcom

recipe book

Once you leave the castle, you can find and kill the farm animals in various places in the village that can (largely) be freely explored. Check your card and pay attention to its excellent sound design Resident Evil Village. Follow the crackling, snorting, and spraying, and you’ll find it.

Resident Evil Village It distinguishes between 3 components:

  • Fish All kinds of fish
  • Meat Pigs and goats
  • Poultry Mainly chickens but also birds

The Duke offers you these recipes / amateurs:

  • Geringer Max Health Post – Herbed Fish
    3 x Fish, 2 x Poultry
  • Less damage to blocks – Bird and Beast Pilaf
    4 x poultry, 1 x meat
  • Max Health Boost – Mittiti in three flavors
    4 x Fish, 2 x Poultry, 3 x Meat
  • Großer Max – Tochitura de Pui Health Promotion
    4 x poultry, 3 x meat, 1 x poultry
  • Much less damage in Blocks – Ciorba de Porc
    1 x Fish, 5 x Meat, 1 x High Quality Meat
  • Much better operating speed – Sarmale de Peste
    6 x Fish 1 x The finest types of fish

Resident Evil Village(C) Capcom

This beautiful example

In addition to the traditional ingredients, there are also three good samples (one for each type of ingredient) hidden in and around the village Resident Evil Village. The game gives players hints in the form of pictures describing the animal’s whereabouts. Since you’ll have to find these first, we’re listing all three here:

  • Juicy poultry:
    In the main square of the village, near the entrance to the castle, there is a cemetery with a basement closed at the beginning. Diagonally behind this is a tree on which a blue bird sits. For this sensitivity, a single shot with a pistol is sufficient to kill.
  • Meat quality:
    In the hut next to the gate of Louisa’s house, where you’ll find Elena and her father shortly after they reach the village, you can reach back through the window. In addition to a fountain with an element, you will also find an adorable pig there. Don’t underestimate this! When attacked, it is stormy and can cause damage. A sniper rifle shot also puts an end to this mess.
  • The finest fish:
    This can only be reached after the defeat of Moro. You need a forearm to lower the drawbridge on the way from the ritual venue to Dimitrisco Castle. Cross this and take the boat downstream (there are also worthy secrets await upstream). In the next landing stage there is a swimming pool with two regular fish and the best quality fish in the country. After a few strokes of the knife, we look forward to a hearty meal.
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