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Rhodes forest fires: asked travel agencies –

Rhodes forest fires: asked travel agencies –


A violent fire has raged on the popular Greek holiday island of Rhodes for days, now prompting a mass evacuation of the island. Many tourists, including those from Burgenland, had to end their vacation prematurely. The situation also requires travel agencies.

At Komet-Reisen in Pinkafeld, the phone currently rings every minute. Some clients are currently still in Rhodes, and have been taken to safety in cooperation between the travel agency and the tour operator, Martin Horvath, managing director of Komet Reisen, told ORF Burgenland on Monday. “We currently have clients in Rhodes, and then they were taken to Rhodes Town by bus on Sunday, for example, and then safely housed there. And then, of course, it’s important that clients keep in touch with them so that you stay informed. And this is where return trips are now being organized,” says Horvath.


Hasty departure from Rhodes

customers safely

Some customers have already booked scheduled departures for Monday or for the coming days. For everyone else, there is an attempt to organize an early flight home. This would lead to waiting times, according to Horvath. “Of course, this causes a slight traffic jam, but it is important that all clients from all travel agencies and tour operators are now safely accommodated.”

Currently free cancellation

Flights to Rhodes are currently being canceled by many tour operators anyway. In these cases, the money will be returned or an alternative will be found. They have contacted clients and are looking for other travel destinations together. “This should now be uncomplicated for customers. The regulators are also very helpful in this case,” says Horvath.

For booked trips to Rhodes that take place in mid-August or even later, the travel agency asks you to wait, as the situation is re-evaluated daily by the organizers. There is currently no risk of traveling to other Greek islands. According to Horvath, this could be carried out as planned as it is now.

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