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Richard Loughner invited to the big Christmas party » Leadersnet

Richard Loughner invited to the big Christmas party » Leadersnet

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| October 16, 2023

Just in time for his 91st birthday, the legendary builder was able to celebrate once again after catching a cold, and on a grand scale. The invitation to the Belvedere Palace was followed by family, companions, public figures and of course dozens of former friends.

Not only does Richard Lugner have a reputation as a guest – more specifically as an opera guest – but the host gene runs in his veins as well. After pneumonia left him bedridden, he got back on his feet in time to celebrate his 91st birthday and invited his family, friends, ex-girlfriends and figures from politics, culture and the church to a dinner party at Belvedere Palace.

Loyal friends

Ex-wife Christiane Legner led the evening, cathedral priest Toni Faber prayed, and Thomas Tatzel wowed the audience with his appearance on stage. Well-wishers included Leo Kohlbauer, Jacqueline Lugner, Alexander Lugner, Gerda Rogers, Clemens Treichler, Arthur Worsig, Christina Worsig, Birgit Sarrata, Andrea Budai, Nina “Bambi” Bruckner, Elisabeth Schmidt, Herbert Kasper, Lena Czech, Roland Gratzer, Norbert and Verena Hoover, Lydia Kilovits, Daniela Kennedy, Bahati Venus, Anastasia Sokol, Edith Lehrer and many others.

You can find impressions of the festival in the gallery.

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