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Romania: PM fails with confidence vote

As expected, the newly appointed Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Siolos failed a vote of confidence in Parliament. As expected, the minority centrist government did not get a majority in the vote in Bucharest today. This means that the political crisis in the European country, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic, continues.

Ciolos, president of the small ecological liberal party USR, had no chance because there was no coalition partner. In Romania, Prime Minister Florin Seto, of the bourgeois party PNL, is ruling temporarily after parliament questioned him two weeks ago.

The ruling coalition split between the National Liberation Party and the Union of Socialist Republics six weeks ago. The USSR accused Seto of authoritarian leadership style, breach of coalition agreements and lack of will to reform.

President Klaus Iohannis had nominated Siolos as a candidate for prime minister without giving reasons. Now, according to the constitution, after consulting with the parties, he will have to submit a new proposal for a mandate to form the government. If this also fails, there may be early elections.

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