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North Korea claims to have tested anti-submarine missiles

North Korea claims to have tested anti-submarine missiles

nAccording to state media, the Ordkorea successfully tested a submarine-operated ballistic missile. The “new” missile possesses “many advanced control and control technologies,” the official Central News Agency reported Wednesday. According to diplomats, the UN Security Council called an emergency meeting on Wednesday.

The South Korean military reported on North Korea’s latest missile test on Tuesday and reported an “unidentified” missile. Experts had already suspected that it could be a submarine-powered ballistic missile.

bullet rose KCN It was launched from the same submarine as the first submarine-launched ballistic missile that Pyongyang tested five years ago. Rodong Sinmun newspaper published pictures showing the black and white missile emerging from the calm waters and dragging a column of fire and smoke behind it. An emerging submarine can also be seen in the photos.

Submarines guarantee the ability to strike a second

If North Korea were indeed able to launch ballistic missiles from submarines, it would be an important step in the armaments efforts of the internationally isolated country. Pyongyang could then launch attacks from locations other than mainland North Korea – and would be able to respond even after a potential attack on its military bases.