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The Rolling Stones concert in Vienna was a victory

The Rolling Stones concert in Vienna was a victory

Stones are still at their best after 60 years © APA / HANS KLAUS TECHT

On Friday in Vienna, The Rolling Stones confirmed that they are still their best after 60 years on stage with what may be their best concert in this city to date. In front of more than 50,000 enthusiastic fans – up to 56,000 rumors – Mick Jagger & Company have presented themselves as an energetic, perfectly coordinated band that lives up to their status as rock legends. It was a two-hour victory procession for Reza’s last note.

Bilderbuch made a good impression as a fireplace in Ernst-Happel-Stadion despite the lousy sound, let the guitars howl loudly and managed to capture the audience’s attention with the hilarious “Spliff” or “Maschin” song. Singer/guitarist Maurice Ernst has done a solid groundbreaking job who knows how to stand out from the ordinary or in front of such a large crowd. hats!

Of course, young and old came by Stones, who, after a standing ovation for Charlie Watts, kicked off “Street Fighter Man” on the video wall and squashed all those joking about “Old Men’s Evening” before the guest performance. Jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood showed no signs of exhaustion at 78 and 75 respectively, on the contrary, with so much strength that one shouldn’t speculate on this ’round of sixty’ ‘perhaps the last time’.

Of course, the Stones brought their big hits with them – from “Let’s Spend The Night Together” and “Tumbling Dice” in the beginning, to the inevitable “Miss You” in the middle, to “Start Me Up” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” in The ending, embedded in the almost intelligible sound of Ernst Happel’s pitch, is the nightmare of every sound mixer.Bob Dylan’s cover of “Like A Rolling Stone” was a surprise to the group’s roster, as the song “Wild Horses” was performed at the request of fans.

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“Last night I was at Schweizerhaus,” Jäger said. He ate stilts and on his way home he was also stopped “at the sausage stand”. “My diet is broken,” she grinned, still dancing at her best, both physically and vocally, permanently on the catwalk. The only break he got was a double vocal performance (“Slipping Away”, “Happy”) by Keith Richards, introduced by Jagger as “Habrier”.

Speaking of Richards: along with Wood (Jagger: “Picasso of the Prater”) he unleashed a thunderstorm on guitar running through his marrow and bone favorably, and the solos in “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Midnight Rambler” were great, another One gloomy, sinister and strongly regulated. Which drummer who pushed Steve Jordan, who replaced Watts, brought him to the group and how he was shown in concert with bassist Dary Jones in “Paint It Black” – couldn’t be better.

The Stones opened the encore with “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, accompanied by a children’s choir from Ukraine. Then “satisfaction” – smiling faces and relief can be seen both on and in front of the stage. It was a music scene that didn’t need any other tricks or tricks, lived off songs and performances, just rock ‘n’ roll in all its aspects. At the age of sixty, the Rolling Stones are the masters of this profession who have fallen into the fountain of youth.