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Elden Ring: A fan discovers a canceled side quest

Elden Ring: A fan discovers a canceled side quest

from Sarah Petzold
An Elden Ring fan has discovered a side quest in an earlier RPG test version that didn’t even make it into the final game. It seems that we should be able to collect the dreams of sleeping enemies.

It is a regular occurrence that some of the content and concepts from an early version of the game do not make it into the final version. The Elden ring is no exception. A fan of shows and broadcast tenor, Lance McDonald discovered such content in the Elden Ring network test – and it’s quite a pity that the idea has been scrapped from the game.

Collect dreams of sleeping enemies and unlock new dialogue options

What MacDonald found in the test build is a side quest that allows players to collect dreams of sleeping enemies. To do this, they meet a monk who tasks them with the task of collecting the ingredients for the so-called dream drink. According to the NPC, you can use it to “reveal the deepest and deepest secrets of a person.”

So that we can collect the dreams of our opponents, the monk gives us a crystal ball with which we take the dust of dreams from the sleeping enemies. If we give the monk two units of dream dust, we will get a dream drink, with which we can unlock additional dialogue options in dialogues with other non-playable characters. In a video, MacDonald shows what collecting dreams will look like in the game before the developers decided to cancel the mission:

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Will the monk and the dream feature associated with it be in the latest version of the Elden Ring Left, players may have discovered more puzzles about the mentioned dialogue options. From Software may later decide to present this series of missions via DLC after all. Anyway, looking for a dream would definitely be an exciting part-time job.

source: Eurogamer