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Russian drones threaten port cities on the Danube

Russian drones threaten port cities on the Danube

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, several Russian drones entered the Danube estuary area overnight. It was said that it was a larger group of drones heading towards the ports of Ishmael and Rini River. The two port cities close to the Romanian border are used for Ukrainian grain exports.

Residents reported on social media that air defense systems were deployed near the two ports. At about 1:30 in the morning, the governor of the Southern Odessa region, Ole Kepper, called on the residents of the Izmail region to go to safety. The alarm was canceled an hour later.

The main road for transporting grain

Since Russia suspended the grain agreement that allowed the safe export of Ukrainian grain across the Black Sea, transportation from the two port cities across the Danube has become the main export route for Ukrainian grain. From Ishmael and Rene, Ukrainian grain is shipped by barge to the Romanian port of Constanta and transported from there.

In view of the advance of Russian forces in the Kharkiv region of eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian army transferred reserves to the Kobyansk sector. “The positions were strengthened, certain methodological recommendations were given, and reserves were transferred,” Army Group East spokesman Serhiy Chervaty told Ukrainian News TV on Tuesday. This prevents further advances by the enemy.

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